Where are we?

About 20 kilometers south of Makarska. If you have a GPS device, these are the coordinates of our house: N 43.1704° , E 17.1919°.

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About Živogošće

On the southern part of the Makarska Riviera, at the foot of Biokovo mountain, lies Živogošće. It consists of three smaller, non-coherent villages on the coast, Porat – Mala Duba – Blato, and old hamlets along the old road. It is only 20 km away from Makarska, 80 km from Split and 120 km from Dubrovnik.

Živogošće has been inhabited since Illyrian and Roman times, to which Illyrian tombs on the top of the hill Suzina stand as witnesses. Also, villa Rustika in Mala Duba and Blato do the same. The well known Licinianus epigram from 474 BC, comprised of 16 Latin hexameters – the most beautiful specimen of classical literature – is carved into a living rock above the spring of Pokrivenice on the coast. In it, the Roman quaestor Licinianus celebrates the source of “drinking water” which still flows there.

As a settlement, Živogošće is first mentioned in the mid-13th century.

The Franciscan monastery in Živogošće, founded in 1616, was this area’s centre of spiritual life and literacy, with its rich library and valuable art work.

Živogošće gained its present look in the 1940s when a more significant tourism development in this area began.

Natural beauties of olive groves and pine woods hovering over pebbled beaches stretching for 6 km, clean and unpolluted sea, all at the foot of a big mountain (peak Sutvid at 1155 m) are offering tourists a special lure and pleasurable stay.